CE P12
Hornet SMG

A CE P12 with the flip-up rear iron sight mechanism being used in conjunction with a the standard red dot sight attachement.

Type Personal defense weapon
Place of origin Lovia
Service history
In service September, 2012-present
Used by See Users
Production history
Designer(s) Christopher Costello
Designed August, 2012
Manufacturer(s) Costello Enterprises Munitions
Produced September, 2012
Number built Approx. 250
Variant(s) See Variants
  • 2.132 kg (4.7 lb) empty
  • 2.268 kg (5 lb) empty magazine
  • 2.293 kg (5.056 lb) loaded magazine
Length 420 mm (16.54 in)
Barrel length 165 mm (6.496 in)
Width 56 mm (2.205 in)
Height 170 mm (6.693 in)
Cartridge(s) KA 5.56×45mm
Action Straight blowback, closed bolt
Rate of fire 900 RPM (rounds per minute)
Muzzle velocity 710 m/s (2,329 f/s)
Effective range 100 m (328 ft)
Maximum range 1,800 m (2,297 ft)
Feed system 30-round box magazine
Sight(s) Flip-up rear iron sight, detachable red dot sight

The CE P12 is a selective fire personal defense weapon (PDW) designed and manufactured by Costello Enterprises Munitions in Lovia. It is of an innovative design, making it more lightweight, maneuverable and versatile than most submachine guns, yet it fires rifle rounds. It uses the KA 5.56×45mm cartridge manufactured by Kameron Armaments, but is also compatible with 5.56×45mm NATO and .223 Remington cartridges.



The CE P12 currently sees widespread usage in the Federal Coastal Security Bureau as the standard-issue firearm, eliminating the need for heavier rifles in order to deliver sufficient stopping power.

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