Types of starshipsEdit


The cruisers serviced by Costello Enterprises Merchant Navy are its larger, general-purpose capital ships. Despite their considerable offensive measures, they are not solely intended for war. Instead, these are the ships tasked with the more general roles, including deep space exploration and diplomacy missions. Standard CE battle formation protocol calls for one or more cruisers, each with multiple frigate escorts. A cruiser in a battle group is responsible for the protection of its assigned frigates and vice versa.

Smaller and larger cruisers are classified as light cruisers and heavy cruisers respectively. Cruisers intended for less conventional roles may have these incorporated into their type (e.g., carrier-cruiser, exploratory cruiser) Cruisers that are more combat-oriented, wielding a particularly heavy armament, are classified as battlecruisers (which is used instead of "battleship" in the CE Navy).


Frigates are the baseline warships of the CE Merchant Navy. They are much smaller than cruisers, and characterized by their speed, maneuverability and combat-oriented designs. Their roles range from independent combat to serving as escorts to larger warships, or lesser, non-warships, such as cargo freighters.

Frigates are categorized as light frigates, heavy frigates, escort frigates or destroyers (CE destroyers are characterized by a disproportionately large offensive array. Destroyers are typically a separate type of warship in other navies, but in the CE ranks, their rarity lead them being listed under frigates, the most applicable category.), depending on their size, armament and/or primary intended role role. All together, frigates make up the bulk of CE's warships.