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Mercantile corporatocracy (constitutional automatocracy[1])


Aerospace, biotech, consumer electronics, cybernetics, energy, health tech, information tech, military tech, nanotech and terraforming

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2027 CE


2593 CE (official)

Key people:

Christopher Costello (founder, chairman and CEO)


Stateless, numerous partnerships


Costello Enterprises, abbreviated CE or CENT, was a major interstellar corporate state. Founded early in the 21st century by Christopher Costello, it played a pivotal role in the development of humanity during the Information Age. For a long time, it had a strong foothold in all major space and technology-related industries. It existed for over five hundred years before becoming obsolete and dissolving into Costello's personal assets.


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By the end of its first century, CE had devised an effective structural, post-Singular corporate layout scheme that it would stick to, for the most part. The new CE was comprised of nine primary divisions spanning the most vital industries.

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The CE Merchant Navy (often referred to as the CE Merchant Fleet to avoid a negative militaristic connotation), was the branch responsible for naval warfare in space. It wasn't a merchant navy in the traditional sense of the word (it didn't serve any political state), but a proper private maritime force. In certain instances it would ally itself with a sovereign state, or engage in all-out war, however, its primary purpose was to defend CE's goods in-transport. Individual members of this branch were either naval officers, or members of a joint Navy-Security task force, referred to as the CE Merchant Marines, or CE Fleet Security, which served as the branch's armed troops.

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CE Political Action CommitteeEdit

The CE Political Action Committee (abbreviated CEPAC) was tasked with representing the interests of CE in political climates. Though CE generally practiced a policy of strict non-interventionism in sovereign governments, CEPAC exerted its authority over colonial habs[2] of the company's own doing. CEPAC supported mercantile policies, such as the establishment of market regulation and the imposition of tariffs on shipments of goods from competing sources.

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  1. Automatocracy: A system of government that operates in large part automatically to ensure minimal political corruption or erosion of framework.
  2. Hab: A space habitat, such as a stanford torus, but distinct from a planetary colony.