Costello Enterprises Light Personal Armor (CELPA) is an infantry armor system development by CE Munitions. It is lightweight, fabric-based, offers whole-body protection with minimal bulk armor components and utilizes advanced materials that make it considerably more durable and versatile than other military-grade body armors. Extraneous armor components are modular and can be outfitted and removed with ease, usually according to preference.


The suit is the base and most essential component of the armor. The fabric layer is a Kevlar-Nomex-cotton mix, reinforced with reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Solid and stiff yet bendable and lightweight cotton-based boron carbide trauma plates, which are also reinforced using carbon nanotubes, are contoured into a cuirass, pauldrons, gauntlets, cuisses and greaves of variable thickness, all concealed within the fabric. Additionally, the suit is coated in a Gore-Tex for added water resistance.