Mortuus ambulantes (Latin for "walking dead"), commonly referred to as the Infection, is a mysterious, uniquely-complex and highly-virulent species of endoparasitic fungus that reproduces and propagates itself by transforming hosts into aggressive vectors (which are appropriately referred to as Infected or Zombies). It mainly infects humans, but is also capable of infecting certain other mammals, such as canids and felids.



The Infection is vector-borne, and is transmitted primarily through the saliva of infected humans and other animals. Most forms of Infected, such as Walkers, rely solely on biting to spread the infection. Other less common Infected forms utilize different mechanisms of spreading the infection, such as projectile vomiting or exploding sporocarps.


Anatomy and physiologyEdit


Infected forms
Basic Walkers (regular)
Specialized Brutes (heavy) · Bursters (explode fluid) · Knights (sword and shield arms) · Slashers (scythe arms) · Snipers (shoot bone) · Pukers (vomit fluid)
Advanced Colony (groups )
Advanced Brutes (heavy)