Article One: The Interplanetary UnionEdit

  1. The Interplanetary Union is a and a sovereign, federal republic and nation state.
  2. The nation of the Interplanetary Union encompasses all human-claimed territories, and whom's law extends to the farthest reaches of humanity in the universe.
  3. The organization of the Interplanetary Union is based on the principle of balanced powers - legislative, executive, and judicial - within the framework of constitutional democracy.
  4. The governance of the Interplanetary Union is to ensure the protection of all human life, liberty and property.
  5. The accountability of the Interplanetary Union is of its own. It is to be considered a separate organizational entity from the people it extends its authority over.
  6. The law of the Interplanetary Union is mandatory to abide by.

Article Four: Division of PowersEdit

Article Three: Individual RightsEdit

  1. The subjects of the Interplanetary Union possess the essential right to complete liberty in all instances where the law does not dictate otherwise.
  2. The Interplanetary Union will defend the rights of its individuals to establish physical and intellectual properties.

Article Four: Amending LawEdit