Kobayashi Risk Control (abbreviated KRC, ticker: [KBYRC]) is a multi-racial private security corporation that maintains a presence throughout most of New Eden, and usually operates in regions of space with a security rating of 0.6 or less. KRC provides a host of professional military services, most considered legal and some deemed illegal by CONCORD. KRC's services range from providing means of law enforcement to protecting individuals or entire starships, mercenary work and even assistance in naval conflicts. To stay on the good side of the authorities, they also practice bounty-hunting for CONCORD and occasionally the main factions.

Kobayashi Risk Control began as a privately-owned Caldari security firm but has since expanded into an interstellar conglomerate after opening itself up to foreign investment. KRC's founder and incumbent CEO is Adol Tash, who has ambitious plans to extend the corporation's prospects into other industries such as the production of military-grade equipment and starship components.