Positive Lovia's revolutionary idea of a politics that doesn't advocate for totalitarianism masquerading as genuine concern and compassion for those that need representation, collectivize all that you own, or prevent you from achieving your dreams. The Little Blue Book is your guide to a system where you can be a part of the world, not a slave to it.


What distances any reasonable moderate from either far-side of the spectrum is the noble concept that we don't need to control or use other people's actions and thoughts to achieve our political ambitions. What separates us specifically from the far-left is our understanding that there isn't any need to control the economy. The nature of the economy has long since been narrowed down to a predictable science: the simple law is: it operates on supply-and-demand, not the whims and predispositions of a bureaucrat. The common man needs to understand that a capitalist system is not a corporatocratic one. In fact, in a healthy, functional system, it is quite the opposite.

A corrupt, totalitarian system is distinguished by its tendencies to manipulate the market, establish monopolies, seek control of the people through charisma, and appoint a select and powerful few to positions of power. The elite have all the power, and everyone else is dropped to lower-class status. Sound familiar? Thats because corporatocracy supports, if not downright is, a classless socialistic regime: communism! Apparently, the "big guys taking advantage of the little guys" isn't characteristic of successful upperclassmen, but a powerful state. Do you want a dystopian future? If the answer isn't no, you are part of the problem.