Sapience, or sophonce, in its most basic sense, is the ability of a living thing to be self-aware, metacognitive, and capable of consciously acting autonomously of one's own nature. A living creature that exhibits sapience is regarded as a sapient or sophont. Commonly used as the legal criteria to determine a "person", with rights, sapience is considered well-defined and testable in modern society. The known sapient lifeforms are baseline humans, transhumans, posthumans, ahumans, smart AIs (including platformed AIs), superintelligent AIs and EIs.

The only level of intelligence greater than sapience is transapience. Transapients are distinguishable for being so alien in nature that their motives are completely inconceivable to even the brightest sapient minds.

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Because the term is used to apply to all intelligent organic and inorganic lifeforms, empathy is not used to define sapience. Despite this, these core values are still commonly present in baseline humans, transumans, most smart AIs (including platformed AIs) and superintelligent AIs. The sapient races that do not possess the ability to feel genuine emotion are posthumans, simple AIs and most EIs. Ahumans, an umbrella-term that applies to any variety of human that was so extensively genetically or technologically augmented that they no longer identify with baseline humanity, may or may not possess empathy.