The GalaxyEdit


  • Magnificent Bastard - His wit and perception, coupled with his augmentations and hundreds of years of observing interactions and honing his social skills have shaped him where he is a master at unraveling the psyche of others and using it to his own advantage.
  • Sharp Dressed Man / Awesome Anachronistic Apparel - His attire of choice is a traditional, all black, three-piece suit. Though still visibly sharply-dressed, the dresswear of the future is a suit only reminiscent of this old-Earth design, and supporting characters may point out or criticize his antiquated fashion-sense.
  • Bio-Augmentation / Cyborg - He is outfitted with a tank-grown, mostly biologically and partially synthetically-engineered transhuman body. Of course, this isn't all that uncommon in the future, but he was the first transhuman, and since his transformation, has managed to keep his body in state-of-the-art condition with technologies that make him superhuman in comparison to most other future humans.
  • The Cape - Because technically, he is a super hero of the future.