The Solar system (commonly abbreviated to Solsys, or just “the system”) is the primary setting of the Singularity-verse. The Solar System is a star system encompassing eight planetary systems, countless lesser celestial bodies and all of the real and virtual territories of Terran civilization. The phrase, “the system”, implicitly includes all of Sol’s constituent systems and has mostly replaced “the world” when referring to the extent of the known universe.



  • Martian Greenbelts - Regions bordering oceans and lakes where ecosystems can be supported.
  • Martian Outbacks - Inland regions away from water and flora; remain like pre-terraformed Mars.


  • Terran Federation - The Terran Federation is a loose confederation of intellectocratic and hypercorporate powers that govern the Inner System. A posthuman-era society has no need to support, and many reasons to forsake the bulk of lesser Terran civilization, yet, ironically and altruistically, one of its purposes is to provide for its general welfare and safeguard it from existential threats. Though the Federation claims authority over all of Solsys, the Federation's power wanes beyond the Belt, where its devolves into scattered, individuals powers spread out over a growingly wider area. Where the Outer System's lesser powers are fast-evolving and ever-changing, the Inner System's Federation is well consolidated and is likely to remain the only constant for a long time.