? The age of Elves: The advanced Elven civilization spans all corners of the known world. It is said that in these ancient times, the true creator deities are still remembered, and the world is ripe with magic harnessable in everyday life.
 ? The Epochellipse: A series of magical catastrophes of unnatural scope wipe out the Elves across all continents in a short period of time. The cataclysm has a resonant effect on the world's magical energy, dooming it to dwindle slowly but steadily forever.

The Mythic EraEdit

The Thawing AgeEdit

ME 0 The advent of humanity: It is around this time that Mankind begins to arise from the dirt and ice in families and clans, with groups scattered across the continents. Some men take to the ruins of Elven cities to learn what they can.
ME 120 The Iron Brotherhood is formed: Groups from the eastern Risyan continent unite and take to the sea to establish colonies on islands northwest of the mainland. Over time they become tribalistic, and resort to raiding groups back on the mainland for resources and conquest. They become known as the Iron Brotherhood for their prominent usage of forged iron weapons and their militaristic culture.