• F/A-5 Longsword (multirole strike fighter) - An air superiority fighter and attack aircraft ideally rolled into one and capable of being modified to suit a number of other roles nonetheless, it is no wonder why the Longsword appears as one of the most prominent aircraft in most militaries' air forces.
  • B-5 Longbow (stealth strategic bomber) - A flying wing aircraft with the purpose of slipping in and out of enemy airspace undetected, mainly performing strategic airstrikes and conducting reconnaissance. It is outfitted with only the best in stealth technology, including an active camouflage device and an electronics-scrambling EMP emitter, both of which require the consumption of large-quantities of energy.
  • AH-5 Claymore (attack helicopter) - A heavily-armed four-blade, twin-engine attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and seating for one pilot, two side gunners, and four other troops. The Claymore is typically restricted to one theatre of war, and is favored by armies for its close air support roles.
  • C-5 Belfry (troop transport/cargo aircraft) - An aircraft for airborne assaultsearch and rescueaerial refuelingaerial firefighting, strategic and tactical airlifting, the Belfry serves a similar purpose to the Fortress, only it is lighter and more capable of strategically slipping behind enemy lines and less of a powerhouse.
  • ACV-5 Fortress (troop transport/gunship) - A large, heavy VTOL gunship that can be outfitted to suit a variety of roles, primarily the pickup and transportation of personnel, vehicles and equipment and providing close air support. When on the ground, it can lock-down to act as a mobile firebase for troops. It has long been a tactic to push forward the front lines of a battleground by strategically planting waves of Fortresses.